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2021 Ford Mach-E Review

Published on Jan 18, 2023 by Alex Gaziano

As gas prices continue to rise, so does the hunger for a vehicle that can cut back on gas consumption or eliminate the need for gas altogether! As all the major auto manufacturers rush to push out EV options, no model has caused more of a stir in the industry than the Ford Mustang…..Mach-E. The Mach-E burst onto the scene late in 2020 as the newest EV model in the growing market. We have all heard the endless debate over all-electric versus hybrid versus the status quo internal combustion engines. However, what really stirred controversy over the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E was the mention of the brand’s most iconic car in the name. Not only was “Mustang” included in the name but the Mach-E also bares the famed “Galloping Pony” that is synonymous with power, speed, and muscle. Traditional Mustang fans immediately started to delegitimize the Mach-E and EV fans flocked to dealerships just to check it out. With all the hype and hysteria over the Mach-E, I had to get behind the wheel and see for myself whether or not this new addition to the Ford stable was worth the “Mustang” name. 


First Look: In order to find out what the Mustang Mach-E was all about I got behind the wheel of a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Select. Strictly looking at appearance, the Mach-E is caught somewhere between a giant hatchback and small SUV. This has many advantages such as the copious amount of storage space and legroom for your back seat dwellers. Once you get past the Mustang alias and logo you realize this vehicle does have a sharp look to it for someone who is in the small SUV or EV market.


There isn’t much that is “normal” about the Mach-E and I respect Ford for making it that way. From the way it looks, to the way the doors open, to the giant out of place 15.5-inch touch screen, this vehicle is designed to be different and futuristic. All of those feelings come to mind the second you try to open the door. The Mach-E has no handles at least in the traditional sense. It is equipped, only with small latches on the front doors and nothing on the backdoors. The doors actually pop open a few inches with the push of a small button and then you have to grab the door frame to open it completely. This may be strange but Ford intended to do exactly that. According to Ron Heiser, Ford Mustang Mach-E Chief program engineer, this was done because the majority of back seats are occupied by children. Kids will often open the door slightly then grab the outside door frame to open the door the rest of the way. Therefore, this idea was not one created simply for style. That being said, the door has a sleek look to it and is a small taste of the futuristic interior you are stepping into. 


Interior: Sitting in the Mach-E was pleasantly surprising for sure. The interior definitely feels roomy and spacious. The entire cab feels very modern with a small taste of luxury depending on trim level. The massive 15.5 inch touchscreen looks great and provides an impressive amount of tech and is very easy to see. One thing about touch screens that has been a personal gripe of mine has been I often have trouble tapping the options I want to select due to small screens with crowded menus. This screen is so large that even in more complex menu displays, I can quickly navigate to the feature or setting I am looking for.


This of course means more time paying attention to the road and less time fighting myself to find the button I wish to select. I also enjoyed the large amount of room that is provided under the screen. This area provides ample space for your cell phone, wallet, and anything else you want to put there! The Mach-E has very comfortable seats even in the most basic trims, which is something basic trim levels often sacrifice. One thing that really stood out was the comfort of the steering wheel. Not only was it very ergonomic in my hands, but also was very enjoyable to hold. Overall, there is a lot to like in the Mach-E interior. Whether it is the stylish, comfortable seats, or the advanced technology options, the Mach-E has a lot to offer and provides a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry. 


Exterior Features: One awesome feature on the exterior of the vehicle is the front trunk, also known as the “frunk” This frunk of course is made possible due to the lack of a conventional engine and adds extra storage to the vehicle. Ford even went all the way to add a drain plug, to make this a full functional cooler. Whether, you need it for some cold drinks on a road trip or for one more extra suitcase or bag. For those of you who might be wondering, there is an internal button to open the hood, in case your child attempts to turn your frunk into the Mach-E’s 6th seat…I wish I was kidding but there really is an emergency escape button! Luckily, the spacious cab seating should be plenty to transport all of your friends and family without having to rely on the frunk as an extension of the cab! 


Driving Experience: Any concerns you might have about the power, acceleration and speed of the Mach-E will be quickly resolved the second you put your foot on the gas. I was able to test the Mach-E’s acceleration on a secluded highway and was blown away by how quick this thing was able to jump from crawling speed to 60MPH. The Mach-E has 3 different modes of driving that allow you to fully customize your driving experience. “Whisper”, “Engage”, and “Unbridled” modes all do different things and there is a mode for whatever mood you are feeling. These modes quiet or raise the engine noise, changes the ambiance in the dash and even adjusts the responsiveness of the vehicle, all to match the mood you are feeling when driving your Mach-E. The feeling when the Mach-E quickly jumps to 60 MPH is unmatched as the engine is fairly quiet even when the electric engine is not on “Whisper Mode”. One more thing about the driving experience that is a must to talk about is the one-pedal driving ability. That’s right, for many driving situations you only need your foot on or off the gas. This is because lifting your foot from the pedal acts as a brake. This also is used to slowly replenish your battery. as a regenerative braking method. This means even as you are driving down the road Of course, this takes some time to get used to but for me it only took roughly 15 minutes of driving and I was completely adjusted and actually was learning to enjoy it. 


Final Thoughts Overall, I enjoyed my time in the Ford Mustang Mach-E. As someone who always enjoyed Mustangs growing up, it took some time to settle in with the fact that this electric vehicle dons the galloping pony logo. However, I do feel there are some very cool and fun features in the Mach-E. Not to mention the fact that it is fully electric and doesn’t sacrifice power and style as a result of this. As the major automakers rush to catch up in the electrified EV market. It seems clear that everyone is playing catch up to Ford in this realm and I believe Ford made a great decision with the Mach-E. Exciting enough to draw in new eyes, but with all the features a previous hybrid or electric owner is looking for!

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