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Ford's Mobile Service: Let Us Come To You

Published on Jan 18, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

Did you recently get a recall notice for your vehicle, but you don’t have time to make it to the shop?  Antioch’s new Ford Mobile Service can be there for you wherever you are!

Antioch’s Ford Mobile Service is a revolutionary service that allows customers to have their vehicles serviced without having to leave home or work. By scheduling a service appointment, you can have a certified technician come and perform the necessary maintenance or repairs on your vehicles. 

If businesses with fleet vehicles need multiple repairs, they can get all of them done in one visit from Antioch’s Ford Mobile Service technician. It’s the easiest way to maintain your vehicles without having to take time out of your busy schedule. Our certified technicians will go to your vehicle with all of the necessary tools and supplies needed to perform the service. This eliminates any stress that comes with you having to pick up parts or rent a vehicle to get to and from the service center. Our techs are knowledgeable and experienced, so you can be sure that your vehicle is in good hands. 

Another perk to Antioch’s Ford Mobile Service is that it’s cost-effective. It eliminates the need to pay for a tow truck or rental car to get to and from a service center  Businesses with fleet vehicles can also save on the time and cost that comes with repairing a vehicle. This helps to reduce the overall cost of maintaining a vehicle and keeps you from having to visit multiple service centers to get the best prices. 

In addition to convenience and cost savings, our Ford Mobile Service also provides peace of mind. All of the technicians are certified and knowledgeable, so you can be assured that your vehicles are in the best possible hands. Our technicians perform all of the necessary maintenance and repairs on the customer’s vehicle, so there is no need to worry about anything being missed after the repairs are completed.

Antioch’s Ford Mobile Service is an innovative service that provides convenience, cost savings, and peace of mind for customers. Our certified technicians can have your vehicles serviced without having to go to the mechanic or dealership. The best part is that it’s a great way for customers to maintain their vehicles without having to take time out of their busy schedules.  Take advantage of our Ford Mobile Service when you call to make your appointment today.


We are happy to repair the following:

  • Light repair work; excludes fluid services
  • Replace parts; no off-ground services

How much does it cost for this convenient service?

  • FREE warranty service
  • Starting at $29.95 + labor without warranty

Call 847-395-3900 for Kunes Ford of Antioch’s Service Department for more information or to schedule an appointment with our next available mobile service tech today!

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