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Questions You’ve Probably Asked About Car Maintenance: Insights from Kunes Auto Group

Published on Jun 15, 2023 by Talia Mushinsky

Keeping your car running optimally is not a luxury; it's a necessity. Regular maintenance is the key to preventing more significant issues, optimizing performance, and extending your vehicle's longevity. In this blog article, we at Kunes Auto Group will guide you through the why, when, and what of car maintenance, shedding light on critical maintenance items and sharing tips on vehicle care.

Why Does Regular Car Maintenance Matter?

When you overlook the basics—fluid changes, filter cleaning, spark plug and belt replacements—you set your vehicle up for potential damage. Such neglect could result in problems like malfunctioning radiators, unstable gear shifts, or even a complete engine breakdown.


Your vehicle's manufacturer has established a maintenance schedule tailored to your car's unique requirements, found in your owner's manual. By following this schedule, you can ensure your vehicle's performance remains at its peak, extending your parts' lifespan, and potentially saving on the cost of more expensive replacement parts.

How Frequent Should My Routine Maintenance Be?

Each vehicle has a set timeline for maintenance, inspections, and part replacements, as specified by the manufacturer. Some tasks need more frequent attention, while others occur less frequently. Certain vehicles also come with built-in alerts for maintenance needs, making it easier for you to keep up with your car's needs.


Still, there are instances when your car may need work outside of these schedules. In such cases, your local Kunes Service Center is always ready to help. We can provide the maintenance your vehicle needs at any point in time.

What Are The Cost-Benefits of Regular Maintenance?

Investing in regular maintenance for your car is indeed a financially prudent move. Regular check-ups and fixes prevent the need to replace more expensive parts later. For instance, an oil change for an average sedan over 100,000 miles, estimated at about $625 overall, is significantly cheaper than the cost of a total engine replacement (around $4,000), which may occur if oil changes are neglected.


Typical Maintenance Items

While these vary from car to car, most maintenance schedules include routine parts and fluid inspections, coolant fluid exchanges, filter replacements, timing belt replacements, transmission fluid exchanges, spark plug replacements, axle fluid exchanges, and tire rotations.


Bulb Replacement and Wiper Blade Replacement

One aspect of car maintenance that is often overlooked is bulb and wiper blade replacement. Properly functioning bulbs and wiper blades not only improve your driving experience but also play a crucial role in your safety on the road.


Did you know the average car has more bulbs than a Christmas tree, especially those with LED lights? Regular inspection ensures none of these crucial lights burn out. Bulb life can vary, so it's essential to schedule regular inspections at your local Kunes Service Center


Similarly, wiper blades are subjected to various elements, causing them to wear down over time. Regular replacement is crucial to maintain visibility, particularly in harsh weather conditions.

Get Your Vehicle Serviced at Kunes Auto Group

At Kunes Ford of Antioch's Service Center, we offer all the maintenance services you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Our team is equipped to handle everything from fluid exchanges, filter changes, bulb replacements, and even wiper blade replacements. Schedule an appointment today and ensure your vehicle gets the care it needs.


Remember, the more you care for your vehicle today, the less likely you'll face "oh, no!" moments down the road! Keep your ride maintained with Kunes Ford of Antioch's Service Center.

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